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HomeEd / KHPS Friday Workshops

Half termly, themed, workshop based daytime sessions for HomeEd / KHPS pupils

Following discussion with parents of pupils who attend KHPS, we’re launching our proposed daytime sessions for children who are home-schooled in September 2019, on Friday afternoons, so it will also cater for the children who will be in school 4.5 days


We will provide a safe collection service from KHPS, with high visibility vests for the children to wear, picking up the children at 1pm & heading straight to the CDC Dance studios


The workshops will run until 4pm 


The fun-packed sessions will follow themed 6-week programs to match LEA half terms...


  • Attendees will be split into work groups according to age/level to ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience

  • Each session will major in dance and acro with DBS cleared, qualified, insured dance teachers 

  • We will make use of the technology we have at the studios including the sound system and big screen projection equipment

  • We'll also be deploying the services of the bouncy castle - just because it's Friday!!!!

  • We’ll finish each 6-week course with a showcase of our work

We also have capacity (currently) to accept attendees on an ad hoc,

pay as you go, basis. Attendees would need to be registered members

or have completed a membership form in anticipation & have prior

agreement in place. Speak to us if this is something of interest.

The half termly workshops will need to be paid for in advance,

via GoCardless Direct Debit, for however many sessions there

are that half term:

  • 1st child £15.00 per session 

  • Additional sibling(s) £12.00 per session

  • Homeschool children/those who aren't collected from

       KHPS also £12 per session (1:30-4pm)


Don't miss out on these sessions -

book your child's place NOW 


Spread the word!

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