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Contemporary & Street

iD-Company is the UK's top independent Contemporary and Street Dance Examination and Teacher Training Organisation. 


Created by renowned choreographers and teachers from the UK's leading dance colleges, it aims to develop both teachers and dancers through innovative, fresh, and inspiring syllabuses.

Check out this video from the iD-Company Summer School to get a real flavour for what we're all about.

CDC Dance Ltd now teaches both the IDTAiD-Company Contemporary syllabi, as in 2019 the IDTA has rewritten their Contemporary Modern Jazz syllabus, improving it enormously, bringing it in line with industry leaders. We have taught and entered dancers for IDTA Street exams for many years and find that the iD-Company Street syllabus compliments the IDTA hugely and we love the freedom given in the choreography of the Freestyle & Street syllabi of the IDTA.


Our classes run on Tuesday evenings - Contemporary 6-7pm / Intro Street 6-7pm / Intermediate Street 7-8pm. 

The contemporary session is aimed at 10-16 year olds. Intro Street is for 6 years+, until the fundamentals of Street Dance are secured and pupils are ready to move into: Intermediate Street, which is aimed at 10-16 years, & more experienced Street dancers.

We plan to add an Advanced Street class into our timetable soon.

Discounted price equivalent to £5.50 per class for any dancers who attend another session at CDC Dance, or £6.00 per class for anyone who only attends Tuesday evening. 

First session is a
FREE TASTER! Classes can then be paid for weekly for the first month, thereafter classes are paid for monthly in advance by GoCardless Direct Debit. iD-Company Contemporary / Street sessions monthly fee is an additional £18.33 per class for dancers already attending CDC Dance, or £20 per session if only attend on Tuesdays + £2 per family, per month admin fee.

Dancers should wear CDC Dance uniform as per the mainstream classes, all available from our online shop. Leggings/vest/t shirts are fine initially for any new dancers. Footwear is trainers or jazz shoes for Street, bare feet or foot thongs for Contemporary.

Register your interest & book your FREE TASTER now before all the places are gone!


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical, classical ballet and more recently street dance.

Contemporary dancers work to connect the mind and the body through fluid and dynamic dance movements. 


Unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers focus on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor.

This dance genre is often done in bare feet. Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music.

Pioneers of Contemporary dance include Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, and Merce Cunningham and more recently Matthew Bourne. 

Choreography is often created through improvisation.

The video here was shot at Move It - iD-Company dancers delivering the most beautiful performance

The CDC Dance Ltd  Contemporary program is lead by Hannah Brereton, who after always securing top marks/places in exams and competitions; representing our dance school at the highest level and being the youngest Teaching Assistant to ever join our Team; CDC Dance Dancer of the Year 2016 and 20th Anniversary Award Winner; Hannah is now advancing  on to be the program lead for Contemporary. She attended the iD-Company Contemporary teacher training course in August 2018 and along with Drew Braithwaite, has commenced her year long apprentice training. Hannah and Drew  teach the class under the supervision of either Miss Claire or Miss Dani, who are both fully certified iD-Company Contemporary Teachers. 

Here we have a video clip from our 20th anniversary show, where Hannah duetted with Katy - simply stunning.

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Street dance is an umbrella term that people use to cover a variety of dance styles, several of which feature in our syllabus. 



Hip-Hop - House - Breaking - Popping - Locking - Waacking - Waving - Tutting 



Dance colleges are now training dancers in these specialist areas and some classically trained dancers find it hard arriving at college without having their basic training


Our Street Dance syllabus is designed for dancers who train in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary to learn their foundations.

If our dancers would like to work and dance for the world’s leading artists and shows like the X-Factor, they will need to learn these styles as early as possible.

The CDC Dance Ltd  Street program is headed up by Tobious Hadley: he too has always secured top marks in exams and competitions; he auditioned for and gained a place at the Centre for Advanced Dance Training (CADT) and after joining Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA - sister institution to the BRIT School) in year 10, he completed his GCSEs in 2018 and is staying on for another 2 years; CDC Dance 20th Anniversary Award Winner; Tubz is now advancing on to be the program lead for Street. He attended the iD-Company Street teacher training course in August 2018 and began his year long apprentice training. He teaches the class under the supervision of either Miss Claire or Miss Dani, who are both fully certified iD-Company Street Teachers. 

Here we have a video clip from our 20th anniversary show, where Tobious made his choreography debut. His own performance specialism is Commercial, so we will also introduce this style into our Sunday evening sessions.