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Lockdown Goals Challenge

Now we are in lockdown again, with most students at home, we want to offer more to keep us active, engaged, and making leaps forward. This year, as our large scale events were cancelled, we've not awarded any Achievement Trophies. These 2 things in mind, we're launching our Lockdown Goals Challenge - the winners of which will receive Achievement Award trophies but every single dancer who enters will receive a prize, on top of smashing their individual goals! What's not to like?! 


Each dancer should complete their own goals, using the dance school's web contact form, which asks for 3 goals: mastering a new skill; committing to a regular, diarised practice/stretch session; choreographing a routine (any dance style), which  showcases your lockdown achievements.


This is their own goals; challenging but achievable; building on their passions, interests, in-class work and individual effort. By making public declarations of their goals, we hope to inspire students to commit to influencing their own progress and we will be happy to support working on their goals in class and provide feedback. We want dancers & parents to share photos/videos of their independent work towards the challenge to keep everyone abreast of progress.

So excited for what we will collectively & individually achieve from this challenge - lets make this lockdown a true turning point in our dance careers! 

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