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I am a certified, licensed Street Fit® instructor, details below...


What Is Street Fit® Street Dance Fitness®?

Street Fit®  is a street dance oriented fitness program choreographed specifically to get you fit whilst learning and enjoying street dance moves. This unique incorporation of street dance and fitness uses the aspects of street dance emphasising the aerobic and muscle toning qualities that it brings.

The exercises are easy to follow and lots of fun, making it ideal for anyone interested in incorporating street dance and fitness.


Each person brings a different energy level and personality to the experience. Routines can range from difficult to simple, but all fitness levels are accepted when learning.

Street Dance is fast growing and very popular in the UK among children and adults alike. Why is it popular? because it is current, vibrant, expressive and engaging, anyone can have a go and learn, to develop and share new moves learnt. We have focused on making the dance moves target various parts of the body for a full workout.



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